Supporter of the 2012 World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto

  Internationa Friendship Concert
     "一本竹(Ippontake)" Shakuhachi Honkyoku Concert
...      Shakuhachi lovers from all over the world will gather for the 2012 World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto. The "一本竹(Ippontake)" concert series has as its objective the international propagation of the shakuhachi. We have invited international students to our concerts, among other thing. Taking advantage of our proximity to Kyoto, we have planned the special event,
"一本竹(Ippontake)" International Friendship Concert.
            Jinzan Nishida, Directer of "一本竹(Ippontake)"
Date and time : 10am - 8pm, Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
Place : The Multipurpose Hall of Takatsuki-shi Shogai Gakushu
Performance fee : \5,000- one piece per person,
10 minutes playing time
           \10,000- one piece per group,
10 minutes playing time
Selection of piece : Japanese performers : honkyoku only
             (Foreigners may perform anything they like.)
Remarks : If there is a large number of participants,
the starting time may be changed,
and the 10 minutes playing time may be shortened.
Post-concert party : \3,000- (participation not required)
    Registration is accepted at Facebook
 Please specify your name, nationality, how to contact now,
a name of a piece to be performed, playing time, and how to contact while in Japan.
    Please apply to Jinzan Nishida (西田壬山),
Takuzan Okada (岡田拓山), Ken Kanzaki (神崎 憲)
or Komei Yoshimura (吉村蒿盟)
 Deadline : May 31st, 2012 (up to 50 people will be accepted)

   ●Hankyu Railway
    About 20 minutes to Takatsukishi Station from Kawaramachi
or Karasuma Stations
    About 10 minutes walk from the station, 500m west of
the Takatsukishi Station
    About 20 minutes to Takatsuki Station from Kyoto Station
    About 15 minutes walk from the station, 800m south of
the Takatsuki Station